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  Congratulations to our 2023 Above & Beyond Awards winners and those who go above and beyond daily!  Check out our past A&B Awards winners 

What is Above & Beyond?

The annual celebration of Above and Beyond Awards, is a way of celebrating the outstanding achievements of Fraser Health staff, medical staff, volunteers and Fraser Health partners. Successful nominees will be honoured at an award ceremony and their accomplishments profiled in Fraser Health's media, social media and other online publications.

Above and Beyond Award recipients are individuals who go above and beyond to accomplish impressive results. The Fraser Health vision; better health, best in health care - is their personal mission, and it shows in their caring and in their capabilities. These are the workplace leaders we look up to, no matter what their role.  Recognizing those who go above and beyond is an honour to which everyone can aspire.

 What are the award criteria?

The awards honour individuals or teams who clearly demonstrate behaviours or produce results that go above and beyond the call of duty:

Fraser Health Hero Award

  • Lives the Fraser Health values of respect, caring and trust.
  • Has made a positive impact on the culture of their department and Fraser Health (eg. by nurturing relationships; inspiring and motivating colleagues, clients, patients or residents; and demonstrating a high level of integrity and compassion).                 
  • Exceeds patient, client or resident expectations and/or engages in exemplary behaviour, such as volunteerism, good citizenship or acts of heroism.
  • Maintains perseverance in the face of adversity. 

 Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Shows the same characteristics as a Fraser Health Hero through the course of their career with Fraser Health (minimum ten years). 
  • A consistent high-performer. 
  • Builds strong relationships that support a high level of trust and credibility. 
  • Mentors and cultivates staff, creating a culture of respect that fosters achievement. 

 Innovator Award

  • Exemplifies creativity, intellectual curiosity, ingenuity and resourcefulness. 
  • Improves service, advances practice or conserves resources for Fraser Health Authority. 
  • Approaches problem-solving with a solution orientation that results in positive and lasting change. 
  • Is a leader in research and innovation, and has advanced best practices  or patient safety with an evidence-based approach to education, research, information technology and/or learning and development.

Best Collaboration Award

  • Establishes effective and collaborative partnerships across multiple levels of the organization; within one site or across multiple sites; internal or in partnership with external organizations, to yield a positive outcome.
  • Demonstrates how an integrated approach and can significantly benefit Fraser Health staff, medical staff, patients, residents, clients or the community-at-large. 
  • Builds consensus in decision-making and shares knowledge or information contributing to group success.
  •  Increases success of team(s) through process of cooperative problem-solving.

Service Delivery Excellence Award

  • Recognizes an individual or teams in each of the two sub-categories (Non-clinical and Clinical).
  • Delivers exemplary quality service.
  • Shows exceptional initiative, perseverance, accountability or commitment in meeting or exceeding patient, resident, client or customer needs.
  • Demonstrates an intense commitment to provide excellence in service delivery.

Who is eligible to be nominated?

Fraser Health staff, medical staff, Volunteers  and teams who exceeds expectations and go above and beyond in their role are eligible for nomination.

Nominees, must be on active status, work within or at a Fraser Health facility (or facilities). Nominations must be for work done in service to or for Fraser Health either as a permanent or temporary/term specific staff. This includes medical staff, volunteers and Fraser Health partners working within their facilities/communities and providing care or support to people within the Fraser Health regions.

Staff who have retired or passed away may be nominated, as long as they were employed by or worked at Fraser Health within one [1] year of the date of nomination.

The following individual/group is not eligible for nomination:

  • External vendors, contractors and suppliers.
  • Nominations submitted for a direct family member (grandparents, parents (or in-law), spouse, brothers, sisters and children). 
  • Medical staff that do not have Fraser Health site privileges.
  • Self nominations - you cannot nominate yourself in any of the individual categories. However, in the project-based categories you may nominate a team or initiative in which you participated.

Who can nominate?

The nominator can be anyone; Fraser Health staff, medical staff, volunteers, patients, external suppliers, contractors and other external groups can nominate an individual or a team. Nominators must identify themselves.

 What is the nomination process?

A broadly based selection committee (judges) will determine award recipients from the nominations received. The committee includes representation from across Fraser Health with members of the executive team, health services administrators, medical staff, directors, managers, front-line staff and volunteers.

An online nomination form must be completed to qualify. Fax, email or hand written forms will not be accepted.

Hint *Once you have started the nomination form, you must complete it as you cannot go back again to finish at a later date. Write your draft in a blank nomination form in Microsoft Word before submitting. When ready, copy and paste the information to the online nomination form.

What are the rules and guidelines of submitting a nomination?

  • To ensure your nominee is  recognized, provide clear and specific examples on the individual or team's performance achievement/accomplishment when completing the nomination form.
  • Fraser Health reserves that right to reprint and share the nominations to interested members and the public. All nominations submitted become the property of Fraser Health.
  • As a nominator, you confirm and guarantee the accuracy of all information submitted.
  • All nominations must be submitted through the online nomination form. Nominations that are faxed, emailed, mailed or otherwise submitted will not be accepted.
  • Nominations submitted after the official deadline date will not be accepted.
  • Fraser Health's Above & Beyond Awards Committee reserves the right to place nominations in awards categories other than the category they were submitted, if appropriate.
  • Fraser Health's Above & Beyond Award Committee reserves the right to confirm accuracy of the information provided in the nomination form. 
  • By submitting this nomination, you give consent to Fraser Health to submit a nomination for the same nominee towards any awards programs they deem appropriate, including but not limited to the HEABC Award of Excellence.
  • The selected award winners must sign and submit a photo consent form allowing Fraser Health to publish in print, web media, social media and media coverage their stories, photo(s) and/or video footage.

Whom do I contact if I have questions?


tel: 604-777-8369


The nomination form is currently unavailable. The 2024 nomination period is scheduled to open March 1, 2024.

For more information on how to nominate someone and to submit a nomination, please visit or Pulse or e-mail

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